In honor of #GoSkateboardingDay I am posting a tribute to a skate legend, Jay Adams

(This is a classic #vintage #1970s #JayAdams totally stylin’ shot taken by his stepfather Kent Sherwood.)

…every time I look at this picture it just makes me want to put on tube socks, grab a longboard and go cruise as fast as I can. This is an image of absolute pure skate STOKE.



Free To Roam from John John Florence 

A short featuring amazing surfing from John John Florence titled “Free To Roam” on the Gold Coast of Australia. 

Directed by Blake Vincent Kueny & John John Florence

Surfing by John John Florence

Skating by Greyson Fletcher & Jack Fardell

Filmed by Erik Knutson

Phantom Footage by Chris Bryan

Edited by Blake Vincent Kueny

Colored by Sean Benik

Special Thanks to RED Digital Cinema

Music Credits: Imagine Dragons, “Radioactive”. Universal Music Group.

….yet another compelling reason why JJ is the badass of pro surfing.



Light at the end of the tunnel.

Light at the end of the tunnel.



(Like butter.) (Taken with Instagram by Graphicsdiva )

(Like butter.) (Taken with Instagram by Graphicsdiva )



Visual energy…

I’ve been super bogged down with work lately and haven’t had much time to search for other inspiration or tend to blogging or social media (or surf!!); so here’s a few quick lovely shots of visual energy and positive stoke from the fabulous portfolio of one of my favorite surf photographers and Hawaii locs, Sarah Lee …enjoy!